Top 5 Things To Do During Lockdown!

Let's talk about some things beyond the game.

Top 5 Things To Do During Lockdown!

Postby mclil1 » 15 Apr 2020, 05:08

Are you bored during the coronavirus outbreak lockdown? Here are some activities that you can do.

1. Read, read, and read!
Reading is really good for you, so spend your time exploring Hogwarts, watching Batman take down bad guys, or figuring out whodunnit in a good mystery novel.

2. Watch Youtube/Netflix
Catch up on your favorite music videos, watch cool new movies, or just laze around watching tricks for your favorite video games!

3. Show Your Groovy Moves
Dance your way to the top with Just Dance 2020 (or any other version) and have fun! For extra challenges, try out the World Dance Floor to compete with people all around the world.

4. Fill Up Notebooks
On a rainy day, bring out an old notebook and fill it up with whatever you want! Fantasy stories, mysteries, comics, diary entries, random notes, anything! Just fill up a notebook, so when you get bored, fish out your notebook from last week and read it for fresh ideas!

And lastly...
LOL! You can have soooooo much fun both in the game and in this forum.

Hope this list helped crack some of your boredom!
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Re: Top 5 Things To Do During Lockdown!

Postby Natalie » 06 Jun 2020, 13:02

People should also take some time for exercise/workout
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Re: Top 5 Things To Do During Lockdown!

Postby ritikabhandari » 07 Oct 2020, 11:27

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Re: Top 5 Things To Do During Lockdown!

Postby korambinna » 20 Nov 2020, 11:33

And add one more point :)
Christmas is coming soon. You can prepare gifts even during lockdown
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