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PostPosted: 15 Dec 2017, 20:40
by mizztetianna
All of us have to be fans somedays right? Some of us have to be writers every day! So, here are 2 fanfiction writing tips to improve your writing style!

1) One of the most important things in ALL genres of writing is the summary. When writing a book (especially on sites like Wattpad) the first thing people see is your summary. You need to tthis opportunity to show off your AMAZING writing skills and plot to readers.

Now when writing a summary you need to take your time and think. Are there any spelling mistakes here? Am I giving away too much of the plot? Would this attract the kind of readers I want to attract?

2) Something even more important is the cover! You can have the world's best summary but, guess what? They won't click the book to read the summary if you have a crappy cover.

If you don't know how to make a good book cover it's okay. On sites like Wattpad, there are people willing to make book covers just so you can follow them! You can even go on sites like Canva in which is simple.

Hope I helped! :afro: