Short Story

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Short Story

Postby Summer Solstice » 07 Mar 2017, 20:03

Feel free to express your creativity and write a short story about something that is mysterious in some way. Use your imagination and build upon each other's inventiveness. I look forward to seeing the story unfold!

Summer Solstice
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Re: Short Story

Postby Winter Violet » 17 Dec 2017, 08:31


A long time ago, in a far-away land, there lived a group of mystical creatures that lived among the people.  The people were completely oblivious to the existence of these creatures and wouldn't even know it if they were standing right next to one!  As we all know though, there is an exception to every rule, and her Victoria.

Victoria's first memory of interacting with one of these creatures was with a fairy named Isabelle.  It was early morning and, just like any other day, Victoria was simply eating her breakfast and thinking about the very busy day she had ahead of her. All of the sudden, she heard a voice from behind her say, "Yuck! How can she eat that?"

Clearly whoever or WHATever just said that was not alone.  Victoria didn't want to turn around, but curiosity (and a general annoyance at being disturbed) got the best of her, so she quickly turned around...yet kept her eyes closed.  Sloooowly, she opened one eye and glanced around the room.  The other eye opened much quicker as she scanned the room to confirm she was the only one in it.  Victoria then resumed eating her breakfast while trying to pretend the last 2 minutes had never happened.


Victoria stopped chewing.


Vaguely annoyed at this point, and without caring about how insane this situation possibly made her look, Victoria irritably replied, "What?!?"

"I like your shirt."

Confused by such a ridiculous statement, she looked down attempting to remember what shirt she even put on that morning.  It was white and had a mystical-looking fairy on the front of it.  Once Victoria finished refreshing her memory, she looked up and was completely astonished to find a fairy standing on the table before her, right next to her plate.


"Hi.  I'm Isabelle.  Again, I like your shirt."  Isabelle slightly grinned, amused by her own humor.

Still in shock, Victoria replied, "Fairies aren't real."

Isabelle smiled, "Seriously?"  She seemed to get a kick out of Victoria's denial.  "I'll give you some time to process all of this.  See you soon Victoria!"  With the snap of her fingers, Isabelle disappeared into a puff of glitter.

Victoria quickly looked around the room checking to make sure no more fairies were hanging around.  She then finished her breakfast, lost in thought.

She contemplated what an eventful morning it had been so far and quickly wondered how and why she, of all people, was able see and hear a fairy.  So many questions and so little time!  Victoria needed to get on with her day, so she packed up her bag and headed out the door.

{ Continue the story... }

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