Let's talk about us...

You like one of the ladies or you think the clothes of another one don't match? Here is the place to gossip.

Postby DitaD » 11 Mar 2010, 02:20

Hello ladies!

I"m Daca and I"m 29 years old! I live in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. I have lovely husband, we live together with two cats, one female, her name is Barcelona and one male, his name is Grenouille, which means frog on French! He is 4, she is 1 year old. They"re my children :wink:

I"m specialized for work with blind children, I have bachelor degree, we called that Defectology faculty. 4 exam left for master studies, and I"ll never do that!

But, unfortunately, I still not find good job in my country, in fact, with good salary :sad:

I think I"m very positive person, with good skill for cooking :biggrin: That"s my passion. My collection of recipes counts over 1000 (and good part of them are prepared)

I"m in love with graphic and web design, I know to sit in a front of photoshop for hours :blink:

Music, books and movies are very important in my life. One day I"ll have a lot of books in my small library!

I prefer electronic music, but I have a couple of genre which I love to listen. I"m Madonna addicted! For me shs"s the One!

I love different trends of style,neo-punk, preppy, glam-goth, sometimes classy, girlie glam and elegance. I like to see good clothing combination but also I think that clothes do not make the man or woman!

And I think charisma is the most valuable, beyond physical beauty.

I have so many lovely girlfriend, we often have chat with coffee, maybe cocktail, beer or rakia :biggrin:

That"s it ladies, for now! :cool: So many girls from Croatia and Serbia :love: :love:

I forgot to tell you I LOVE THIS GAME!

♥ ♥ ♥
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Postby TOXICLADY » 11 Mar 2010, 02:43

BRAVO Dita!!! :biggrin:

Luv YA!!! :wink:
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Postby ImmortalRose » 09 Apr 2010, 09:10

Hello everyone!

My name is Alexa , and I am from Romania, from a small town called Tulcea.

I am currently a student in Galati, at the Economical Sciences Faculty, first year.

I love cats, music and sweets :wub:

I am engaged to a beautiful man and my plans for the future are to leave this country and then start a new life, somewhere in Europe.

Gald to meet you all and good luck with Lady Popular ! :smile:
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Postby cherrylove » 02 Jun 2010, 00:11

hi my name is Olitta, i lived in the united states until about a month ago, i am now living in Puerto rico with my fiance"

i have my BA in information tech, and am a gamer .

I love the reptiles here, and are welcomed in my home :smile:

i even love the bugs, but most bugs are not allowed in my home!

im loving this new game so far, not even sure how i came across it...

long live lady popular
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Postby booboorooza98 » 28 Jun 2010, 08:33

Hello!I maked a new topic at "Off Topic" :biggrin:!Sorry,I don`t saw this topic :smile:!

My name is Nico but you can tell me Nicol!I am 12 years-old ... My mother told me I can play this game but without diamonds.I am from Romanian and my English is not very good.I love Lady Popular because in past I played it on ladypopular.ro!

I like music,the books and the movies.My favorite sing is "Hero" by Sterling Knight.My favorite book is 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne.My favorite movie is 10 things I hate about you.I don`t like the stupid people. :tongue:
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Postby Zezie » 30 Jun 2010, 18:12

Hi everyone :smile: My name is Anna and Im from sweden (But currently living in Denmark). I"m 22 years old and studying computer science and programming. I looove makeup and run my own blog about beauty and beautyrelated things :smile: I have a boyfriend that i live with, and soon a kitten that will move in with us in a month!
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Postby zmaya » 30 Jun 2010, 19:36

Hello, everyone :biggrin:

Great to know you all and I hope you like the game :smile:

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Postby Stunnedsilence » 07 Aug 2010, 19:13

Hello everyone ^^

I"m Kim, I"m 16 years old and live in the Netherlands. I"m about to start

my last year of high school and after that I want to study Veterinary or

become a horse jockey. Our family also owns two horses and I"d die for mine,

she is my life. Music means a lot to me, too. I like the punkrock/indie kind

of musice like Fall Out Boy, Green Day, Four Year Strong, Breathe Carolina etc.

I go to concerts often and those times are the best in my life.

I don"t have a boyfriend, because I have my horse and she makes me happier than

a guy ever can (:

I like scene/emo style a lot and try to dress up my lady like that. I"m too lazy

to dye my own hair every week to be able to look like that myself, but this game

is perfect for that!
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Postby ..Zainab.. » 11 Aug 2010, 14:27

Hiii .. it"s really strange that most of u r from Romania .. anyway !!!

i"m Zainab .. i"m from Sudan but i live in the UAE ..

i"m 15 ..

as it seems i"m arabyan & muslim ( soooooooo Proud )

i live in Ajman city with my mom , dad , sister & 2 brothers ..

ask me if u wanna know anything else ..

:smile: :smile: :smile: :biggrin:
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Re: Let's talk about us...

Postby Roxxia » 25 Aug 2010, 20:59


Im Janina ("J" pronounced as a "Y"..) Im 11 and I live in england with my parents, my 2 brothers and my sister.
Im homeschooled but I really wanna go to school. I love rock & pop music. I enjoy action & horror films.
My favourite tv show is Invisible Network of Kids (You can find it on youtube) and I like Zero the most out of them all (Yes she is a girl.)
My favourite style is goth/emo, I want to dye my hair white in real life and cut it short, then I wanna buy dark coloured clothes. untill then, I'll have to look like a goth/emo on lady popular :D
I like reading, tv, and music. My favourite food is .. anything sugary. I hate all fruits exept apples, bananas, and sultanas.
aaand thats about it for me.
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