FA website contest?

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FA website contest?

Postby Dior Magic » Fri Apr 03, 2015 9:54 pm

The winners were chosen 2 days early, and was a super unfair contest. Funny how one of the mods' club was chosen as a winner. You have to be fair, people when you run a contest. Did you even look at our magazine????

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Re: FA website contest?

Postby ClaudiaM25 » Sat Apr 04, 2015 7:01 am

The decision was fair, you can also see the reasons why we picked those winners(we went through all the existing clubs entered in the contest and we identified the ones that had that WOW/EXTRA/ORIGINAL element that the other clubs didnt have). As i stated in the entry, you all had great websites and we encourage you to develop it more, maybe we can organise some more contests of this type.
I can assure you the decision was fair,the winning clubs were decided by more than 1 person so there wont be any discriminations ;) If the matter would have been subjective, we would have picked all moderators' clubs as winners :D also in the other forum contests :D, thing that doesnt really happen ;)
I apologise for the closing the contest earlier due to some personal problems,but anyway, in 2 days one cannot make a full website,so there couldnt have been new more entries for the contests(plus you already submited your website before and all websites were checked).
We understand we cannot please everyone, but i can assure you that picking winners at forum contests is an objective matter :)

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