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Re: What is Going On ?

Postby Emillizah » 01 Jun 2019, 03:59

mister_M wrote:I find it funny how for the years I've been in the game -pretty much since it launched- I didn't meet any troll. Maybe I'm a thick skin person and i didn't see them? maybe I just live under a rock/in a bubble so they couldn't find me.
But I did hear many other users complaining about these trolls/extra accounts and I also heard of players who never encountered them. it's a strange reality.

And indeed - instead of the usual "block" option we have the "ignore" one. I also agree that the staff should probably be more severe in dealing with them, such as implementing an IP ban.

Love this ALl the way :wub: :cool:
I have also a herd of others that haven't had the chance of meeting a mean person on here but hey it happens I'm over it now and am much better( update I don't care LOLOLOL) Tinsley I feel like the IP thing should for sure happen That's all I got about it. I'm kinda over people that are rued on this game. I use the ignore its helped so far but still feel there should be some way to better report spammers and griefers or people trolling even if you personally don't experience them your self they are out there lol. That's all I hope you all had fun with this topic looks as if it has given you and others something to do apparently Spent so much time writing me back ( SOMEONE PLEASE DELETE THIS NOw!) Not sure how to get things deleted off here ) Or i spouse leave it for others to see XD. ;) :wink:
With Much Love Em~

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