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Postby samkaylasmith » 26 Mar 2021, 00:43



Being thankful and giving thanks is generally a more "Thanksgiving" sorta thing, but we should be thankful everyday! Especially for the forum! I haven't seen not 1 topic for being thankful or at least one that is still active. We should be thankful everyday for everything. Just being here makes us all extremely privileged.

I for one am extremely thankful for the wonderful admins who help make this place a happy safe and fun place! Y'all work so hard for us! Thank you! :love:

I'm also really thankful for the people I've met through here. Always in my heart forever :wub: Thank you

And for the clubs section, I was able to recruit a really nice member who is still with me today. <3 Thank you

Also the rewards :D Thank you for all the free stuff! Who doesn't love that> :P

Annddd finally for those people who I've asked tons and tons of question about mafia and didn't get impatient.. I can't help that I'm a lost lil' lamb! :biggrin: thank you!

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Re: Thankful

Postby HannahG10 » 11 Apr 2021, 10:53

Thankful? Hmm. I have a lot. I definitely can say I am thankful for LP and forum! They have given so many new friends and new opportunities. I felt in place and not awkward. I'm thankful for my family. The one who supports me through all things. I'm thankful for friends. They stick by my side at all costs. I'm thankful for food at the table, shelter, clothes and all necessary items. Thanks mom and dad. I'm thankful for God. For giving me a chance every time I mess up! And lastly I'm thankful for every person that I have met cause they always taught me something new!
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