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Postby nefeliethan » 31 Oct 2020, 13:45

ladyana wrote:Nefe, who is your biggest suspect right now and who do you think is the safest(i.e. townie) player?

Safest- idk - maybe Ice-->
Sus most --idk--->

Godfather comes up as lit. Then Alex is either Supreme Mafiot or Encryptor. What these roles do?
I hope it is some role that has nothing to do to harm the lyncher.Seems like Alex gave up that easily and I'm cautious. Last time in Chaos my regret was for not giving her enough time . She was one of my fav. players.

Long before Wax gave this unfortunate horoscope( Zodiac). I just wanted to share since this one is suicidal related.
Secret Admirer - The player that receives this must PM the mod another player to become enamored with. If this chosen player is killed, lynched or modkilled, the player commits suicide during this day/night phase. The chosen player is not effected or informed of this.

I don't know what is going on we will know what Alex was intending after D2 ends. :( when we have some suicidal roles..

At the same time, the game doesn't need the assuming no. if Mafia have some role like Don( I mean if 5 is the normal amount of scums we can expect in a 20+ player setup of Maf & Town, (idk) but scums only need 4 if they have some role that has some sort of mass effect.) But given usually to a Mafia team that includes a pro player. Surely Alex deserves such a role. Don and Supreme Mafiot sound alike to me. Since there wasn't a night kill last time, and if she has some role like that, I wonder if the effect applies to the lynch in stead of a faction kill. This is why I tell you to not hammer. I said there must be crazy roles thats why I defended Alex because I thought why she cannot be a miller thn?!

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Re: Black chat

Postby Wax Storm » 31 Oct 2020, 17:24

Because of a Moderator mistake, game is canceled. Please check announcements section for info and aftermath discussions.
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