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Re: Extra

Postby HannahG10 » 09 Oct 2020, 00:56

Ahh Well I got a poet. I was hoping to get an actress though. But my mom won't let me. :(
Does anyone have any photoshopping links. Like free online. If you do I would love it if you could share some of the links with me.
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Re: Extra

Postby Renna » 09 Oct 2020, 13:03

According to the quiz, I'm a Photographer.
Nowadays, everyone has tried themselves in this kind of art, but I'm better at paparazzi photography than artistic photography.

Many thanks to Claudia for including a handmade jewelry in the list of arts. My longtime hobby is beading. Although I'm still not good enough to create a masterpiece, it really can be an art. Hope one day I will manage it.

Photos are also taken by me, so you can see an example of my photography attempts too :)

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Re: Extra

Postby Ancient Greek » 10 Oct 2020, 14:41

i love all kinds of art tbh. studied acting, love dancing and singing (although i am terrible at it), i love to draw (by hand or digital, any technique really), DIY stuff, producing and playing music...reading and writting both poetry and novel kinda stuff....i just overall love being creative :)

this is my current project. there are 2 dwarves and final touches still missing.
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Re: Extra

Postby ssiouxee » 17 Oct 2020, 16:20


not that far from true :)

and you see my art with every entry I make - my avatar image is something I made inspired by Harajuku fashion and Manga
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