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PostPosted: 26 May 2020, 16:14
by ahnsohee
I've been playing this game since 2010 back then it was on fb.
Image" alt="Image" class="resize_me" />

screenshot of the game when it has fb version
Then on 2011/2012(I can't remember the exact date but there's one thing it reminds the release of Girls' Generation single leaked) they want us to transfer our fb account into website so we did I transfer my account now its all deleted due to my inactivity on 2014

Then on 2013 fashion arena was born I remember that they will close the Lady popular classic
And when i play Fashion Arena i remember that some of the items came from the the classic version of the games the hair, lips, makeup, clothing and furniture.
Click here to view the end of the Classic LP
My big concern years ago is to adopt or revamp the colors of hairs, eyes and lips. I'm glad that the fashion arena outdone themselves but to make it polished please repaint the hairs the lips and the eyes it gives nostalgic effect when i used the item that came from its mother game (I miss her :crying: :crying: :crying: and also my old account on FA and this forum.) :crying:
So here's the comparison
the first loook were i used the eyes lips and hair came from the O.G. game Image
then the other one were I used the updated shading of the lips hairs and eyesImage :confused:
note: I used the same color of hair it is both platinum blonde but the latest shading is better no offense to my co-players on the classic ones and the lips is both light pinky nude but the old ones is too 2Dimensional and the latest one looks more nudish to me and has more of contour on the lips.
MY suggestion for the game is that to update the looks that come from the mother version of the game I know the team don't want to erase the existence of the classic ones (and it triggers my longings for my deleted account :crying: ) but please revamp the shadings of the old ones. :love: