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Block Option

PostPosted: 24 Mar 2019, 20:45
by Emillizah
:question: Give me a Block Person Option :question:

Am I the only one that feels that this should be put into the game.
Not only would it help reports but The Game environment.

Until it does get fixed I thought others that may feel this way but don't want to speak up about it due to they feel like they will get shunned or Thrown out of the game :confused: but I think its a pretty uneasy feeling that people may feel this way and adding this Option into the game would make a lot of people feel safer to play without the worries of trolls returning again. Do the Developers enjoy getting Reports all the time? Also here is a Link to a website I found very reassuring and informal about how to avoid and deflect Trolls and other Great harassment.

How to Deflect Trolls of all Kinds

:excl: I apoligies for all of you that have to deal with it but more then one voice speaks up it could be fixed :excl:
:( Makes me truly sad cuz i do adore and love this game even as a grown Adult its fun :(

Re: Block Option

PostPosted: 25 Mar 2019, 02:11
by Wax Storm
Indeed LP does not have a block option but there is an Ignore button (or "Add to ignore list"). Which does almost the same thing. If you ignore a lady in game through that button the ignored ones will not be able to send you pms nor comment on your profile.

Re: Block Option

PostPosted: 25 Mar 2019, 15:58
by Emillizah
This ignores button does not stop the people that want to spend there days giving you negatives all days. So hence the Block option suggestion this way the people that bug you can never look at your profile again.
Why are people so against the fact that this game does not have what it needs to keep its players completely safe and have a fair fight I would have to say that even with the ignore option its not good enough i pretty positive its not good enough for one of my girls that is in my club and constantly have - ( I'm just wondering would you want to play the game if your girl was constantly in the - cuz someone had a prob with you or didn't like you) She's not in the negative cuz her outfit sucks it due to people that she has told to leave her alone and ignored them all but she can't even get in the leader board due to it?? How is it even fair I just don't see it really. In all reality, as I said A block option would solve all these silly issues.
Thank you for the reply WAX STORM!