Edit option in star house

Here you can give your suggestions for changes in the game. Please think them over and include an inquiry.

Do u agree(this probably wont affect th choice of th people who run lp But It's good to no opinions)

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Yes-yes i do agree
No-its not necessary
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I don’t care- i doesn’t madder to me
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Edit option in star house

Postby Cammy » 27 Feb 2019, 23:28

I would love it if there was a option to edit so you can edit your profile anytime. I know people can edit there in the apply option but after the 25th You can’t anymore. I also would like to see a option to see what place your in. What do you think?

Oh and sorry for the bad poll. I jsut wanted to try it out and all the misspelled wordss are do I could fit the title
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