Weekly tasks

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Weekly tasks

Postby QueenOfHell » 26 Jan 2019, 16:07

I was thinking about something...
We have the daily tasks which gives us a little extra dollars and experience.

But... What if we had weekly tasks to earn some extra emeralds or maybe even few diamonds?
A lot of Ladies can't afford some stuff from the Limited Edition stores because they struggle with getting diamonds. Most of them are probably teenagers and can't afford it. Or they just don't have a job that will allow them to spend some real life money for diamonds.

The tasks can be similar to the daily tasks, but a little more challenging; since we'll have 7 days to complete them.

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Re: Weekly tasks

Postby Red Queen » 28 Jan 2019, 08:50


Love this suggestion.
You should send it via Feedback, using the Suggestions options. The game developers don't always see the great suggestions made here.

May I add, that the piggy bank was also suggested here, so don't feel that it is useless.


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