Something old, something new...

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Something old, something new...

Postby Thumaya » 14 Dec 2018, 12:40

I just posted in a similar thread but didn't want to completely hijack it, is it possible to have a poll where we can vote for the throwback events we wish to see?

For example for me personally I would love a repeat of the Pirates of the Caribbean event, the Game of Thrones event and the Africa event as I missed some of the stuff I wanted from there. Others may have similar requests.

Another thing is, it it possible to add more theme variety such as weaponry, various cultural and period clothing etc. Personally I would love a fantasy/adventurer as well as a magical themed collection together with buyable pets ( things like dragons, pixies, a centaur etc and not as accessories but as actual skilled up pets) and buyable means of transport (brooms, a carriage, a large dragon etc). Again, perhaps people could vote on the theme they are most interested in.
The same principle for futuristic themes, a spaceship instead of a car, futuristic types of weaponry, creative alien-like pets, backgrounds of stars and planets etc.

On the flip side I wonder if it'd also be possible for a "regular" clothes line, tops with normal hemlines that aren't shapeless or heavily embroidered, skirts with medium to floor length hemlines that are just normal, regular trousers and blouses etc. I have plenty of clothes but not a single plain black t-shirt, or floor-length skirt that doesn't either have a mile high slit or a strange silhouette.

I don't mean to sound critical, I love playing the game, I'm merely asking, perhaps they will be considered perhaps not but I'd never know unless I ask. :) :)
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Re: Something old, something new...

Postby ToriaMason » 15 Dec 2018, 22:29

I don't know whether any of it would be possible, but I'd absolutely love all of the above as well. More fantasy stuff especially! :)

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