A few of ideas

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A few of ideas

Postby Lady Drakharis » 09 Dec 2018, 07:05

First I know this has been requested countless times before but a bank for our ladies would be nice.
Other ideas players have the option to opt out of challenges. I know its part of the game and personally, I love fashion duels it shows me what I need to train my lady more in. However, some people don't like the duels and I am sure would rather vote on who looks the best and dressing their ladies up. Maybe come up with an option where you show a few random ladies and have us vote on who we like best without knowing their names and just seeing their individual style. The top 3 get diamonds. The top 10 get Emeralds. Everybody else gets dollars as a reward.

If I am a new player, (which I am not I have played since Original Lady Popular.) I don't have the option of anyone to vote on who isn't in the top 50 for any of the categories meaning a new player misses out on seeing other ladies styles and being able to vote for them. Or for that matter have anybody vote for them. I personally would love to have the option to vote on new players style. It would be a much fairer way to vote on everything from looks to apartments.

Have a friend zone where ladies can friend other ladies easier in the game.

The option to dump our fiances. Sorry, if I would have known how high maintenance a fiance was I never would have gotten one in the first place. If the option to dump them isn't going to be allowed then make their needs less costly.
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Re: A few of ideas

Postby marehan1 » 09 Dec 2018, 10:53

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