Minigames - Suggestions

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Minigames - Suggestions

Postby Trinity Starling » 24 Jun 2018, 01:48

Hello, Ladies! I have a few suggestions for LP minigames...

1) More minigames! Of course, there's a rather small selection of minigames in the Carnival, so I think adding a few more would be nice. I think one where you try to sort different articles of clothing into separate bins (dresses in one bin, shoes in another, etc.) as fast as you can could be cool. You could get a reward based on the number of items sorted in the amount of time. Another could be a match-3 kind of game (cliché? yes; cool? yep.) where you match icons of things, and then if you hit an objective for the number of items matched, you get a prize.

2) Every win from a minigame could bring in money. This way, you could earn more lady dollars, and not have to wait for an entire server day to pass before we could earn dollars from minigames.

3) Multiplayer minigames. I know another person already posted this topic, but I wanted to elaborate on it a bit. I think, when you see a lady's profile, there should be the option to challenge them at a small minigame. If they aren't online, your game request could be sent to them, and then they could choose to accept the request. This could opperate similar to how challenge lists for the Fashion Arena work, except that another lady would see that you sent them a game request.
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Re: Minigames - Suggestions

Postby nefeliethan » 11 Jul 2019, 22:02

Thats cool Trinity....

I suggest if there would be mini games that can award temporary bonuses
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