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Supermodel Odds

PostPosted: 12 Oct 2017, 01:52
by CuddlePuddle
The odds to BEAT a supermodel are ridiculous. First, I just don't believe that the odds begin at 30%. I always buy the 10% and 5% increase cards, so my odds should be near to 50%, but that definitely isn't the case. On top of that, of the last 10 duels I've actually succeeded in getting, only 2 of them were wins. That's not bad odds, that's impossible odds and this is why i never try to duel supermodels. I only tried it today to prove my theory. No one else I know uses the supermodel feature either, and I'm sure this is why. It's a nice idea, but we need better odds. Or at the very least, allow us to buy the special 40 & 50% chance increases that we get from gifts. I noticed my chances of winning were much much better when I had those. I would definitely spend emeralds on that, and maybe even diamonds in special cases (e.g. when we get leaves for fall gifts boxes) ;)