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Password reset making me angry!

PostPosted: 14 Aug 2018, 04:47
by wavez2000
I have tried three times and got the new password auto sent to my email, ok the link works and i log in with the gibberish password. Then I got to settings and hit change password, and i put in the gibberish password auto sent to me when i hit "change password." it always says "WRONG PASSWORD" and it's making me very angry!!!! It wont let me change my stupid password. im about to just forget this game. not to metion there is no turtorial, and i have spent all but 6 dollars of my money. It says to go get a job, but the map only lets me go to the mall and salon. How do you suppose i do that and the apartment, just a room with my clothes. I am so confused. I cant change my password I hit reset and it lets me log in with the generated password, then when i go to change it to something I CAN REMEMBER, it keeps saying 'WRONG PASSWORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Forgive me for my temper, but ive dealt with a lot cancer crap like that in real life and I come her for fun, and i get bugs and errors and im am using chrome. Somene please help me. I tried several times to chnge my password and it keeps saying that crap over and over. ::: sighs LOUDLY!!!!!!!!ll

Re: Password reset making me angry!

PostPosted: 14 Aug 2018, 10:04
by Red Queen
I cannot help with the password problem, that seems to be a technical issue, I would suggest that you contact game admin via Feedback.
(though I'm confused; how do you log in to spend money etc, if you cannot change password?)

The first 8 levels of the game is the tutorial, where Emma tell you what to do and how to do certain things.

If map won't show everything you can go to work the following way:

Good luck :)