Boho Forest Adv. View or Wallpaper?

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Boho Forest Adv. View or Wallpaper?

Postby Elaiussa » 07 Jun 2018, 02:01

Hi there,

one of the prizes in the Boho Forest Adventure seems to be broken?
It is the view or wallpaper from the "a day in the forest"-category.
it is shown as a wallpaper, but it seems wrong to me. Shouldnt it be a view?
I just am able to use it in rooms as a wallpaper, but it is flat and doesnt go around corners. It looks odd.
I cant use it as a tree-background in my garden.

Is this intended?
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Re: Boho Forest Adv. View or Wallpaper?

Postby Red Queen » 07 Jun 2018, 08:19

Hi Elaiussa

This is what you get from Teleport (with regards to views, wallpaper and backgrounds)

Profile background - Night

Wallpaper & Floor

Profile background - Day
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Re: Boho Forest Adv. View or Wallpaper?

Postby Melisande » 14 Jun 2018, 10:22

Elaiussa, perhaps you should try it with a different floor, either the grass one or a wood panel floor which does not have corners in it. I have it in one of my living rooms with a wood floor until I can open up a new room upstairs, and then I will make the whole thing into a forest-themed room, grass floor included. Then, I will probably just replace the wallpaper in here with something else green. For now, though, people seem to like what I am doing with the room.

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