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transfer old account

Postby nikoletta2402 » Mon Dec 05, 2016 11:26 pm

Hello,i use and i have a problem that i couldn't solve with the help of admin...
I used to have an account to the old game(before fashion arena)
and a few days ago,there was a notification that informed us we could transfer our old game's account into our new one in fashion arena.
When i entered the old game and selected the option to transfer my account it told me that i used wrong usename or wrong password.
the fact is that when i registered in fashion arena i used the facebook login option so i never gave a password.
i only assumed it would be me facebook password but obviously i was wrong.
i contacted the administration and they told me to use the forgot password option but i never received the e mail to reset my password.
(i tried it more than once and checked inbox and spams)
i only ask you because there is limited time to do the transfer and i cant find a way to contact our techncal support in time.(i sent them en e mail before but i never got an answer)
and with admins it takes days to answer me and although i appreciate thei effort the never helped me before.
so please can you tell me what to do if you know something about my problem?
thank you very much in advance for your time.
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