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Day 2

PostPosted: 01 Aug 2020, 18:42
by Wax Storm
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Quvenzhane Wallis ClaudiaM25
IcecreamSlamwich AndreeaG, HarshitaSingh, AnnNoor
Fiona Star LadyAna
ladyana FionaStar, Carla@Ananya, Quvenzhane Wallis, AndreeaG, Harshita Singh, IceCreamSlamwich, formedelete
AndreeaG IceCreamSlamwich, ladyana, ClaudiaM25

With 12 alive, it takes 7 to lynch. Deadline is 7th of August at 15:00 game server time.

Let the game begin - once again!

Re: Day 2

PostPosted: 01 Aug 2020, 18:49
by AndreeaG
So I would like to start with a Romanian expression: A trece ca gasca prin apa – To cross like the goose through the water: This expression means that you’ve learned nothing from an experience, from something you did. Let's not be like the goose through water & try to be better every day and learn from our previous interactions.

Those said, let’s get down to business.

:attention: :attention: !!! HUGE RULE for newcomers- never ever tell your role *not even in end of day thoughts- like absolutely nowhere*. Why? Just look at Clueless- she stated D1 that she has a ,,smal role’’. Where she is now? Dead. So unless you want to share the same fate I advise you not to share your role under no circumstances.

About the end of thoughts thing- it looked like a very confused thing, but some particular texts got my attention

Hello guys,
As a Mafia member I can say this: Stella was also attacked night 0 and she survived - she is the serial killer because the other targeted player was rescued. We didn't kill Shangri - duh!
Ooops Stella, you are serial killer and you win if you kill us all maf and towns, you didn't want to join us, then down with ya! lol!

Went through all the post again and tried to identify the player. Finally got one name- Q-Wallis.


She is the only one who used
  • lol& duh terms,
  • those back to back exclamaton signs at,
  • first name use shortened( Shangri, to me she adressed with Andre etc)


Also her activity at first was promising … after that not so much. She has only 28 posts, some of them totally not related to mafia. She answered my questions and helped by trying to provide links. But that is pretty much it. Like not sth risky that would raise suspicions, how someone said over cautious …

About the message- hmm, well at first I went for it blindly- Stella,serial killer-you are so going to be lynched. Then I thought twice about it… And realised some pieces are factually impossible
you didn't want to join us- okay this implies 3 things-
  • that mafia identified her as a serial killer *and how could they btw in night 0 do that? *unless they have a role cop and crazy good intuition* +
  • they made an offer *and we know bribing is no longer part of the game* +
  • she could possibly accept it *again impossible- once a neutral/ scum you usually cannot change alignments*
but some are accurate
  • serial killers cant get killed at night- they need to be lynched at day
  • they win when everybody dies --- making it a very very difficult role btw
  • obviously, they can kill at night

Here is a source to check the facts yourself

***to be continued

Re: Day 2

PostPosted: 01 Aug 2020, 18:56
by fiona star
AndreeaG you make some good points here.

Let me wait everyone to come... i will check Roxy and Clue posts once again until then.

Re: Day 2

PostPosted: 01 Aug 2020, 19:13
by Carla@Ananya
I'm here. So, Rox successfully determined the alignment of a player. Man, wish I could know who it was. Gonna go through the thoughts once again. BRB.

Re: Day 2

PostPosted: 01 Aug 2020, 19:16
by fiona star
I almost forget, i have 3 questions:

-Why do you think Clue was killed?
-Why do you think Roxxana was killed?
-Who do you think Roxanna investigated?

Re: Day 2

PostPosted: 01 Aug 2020, 19:35
by ladyana
Hello players (Mafia/townies/serial killer, killer right? Or killerS?!)
Sad to lose good players. :(
Analysed the end of day thoughts.
Some seemed pretty easy to decipher. Some not.
I'll answer Fiona's questions in the next post.
So what I understand is that if we have the serial killer and Mafia both at large,
We probably lose two important townies every night.
Do the math!
(The Mafia are lot less than townies. So townies are at a greater risk from serial killer)
The serial killer can kill the Mafia too right?
(Atleast that's what my research says)
So we need to decide quickly.
Who do we primarily target at today?
The Mafia or the serial killer?
We, townies have two classes of opponents.
Mafia and serial killer.
But also, since the Mafia are probably more than the serial killer(s), so it should be easier to catch the Mafia.
Another but. If we kill the serial killer, there will be only one death per night.
(I hope so)
I would like everyone to think about this.
(Also, could Wax or anyone tell us how many serial killer roles we have in the game?)
Welcome to day 2!

Re: Day 2

PostPosted: 01 Aug 2020, 19:39
by ladyana
fiona star wrote:I almost forget, i have 3 questions:

-Why do you think Clue was killed?
-Why do you think Roxxana was killed?
-Who do you think Roxanna investigated?

1)Easy peasy. She claimed her role.
2)Helpful player. I would certainly consider her suspects from the last day. Maybe we'll find a clue?
3) Hard to say. Will tell you what I think after a bit of research. Probably, she investigated one of her suspects.

Re: Day 2

PostPosted: 01 Aug 2020, 20:22
by fiona star
Where are the other ones? did you forget day 2 start?

Re: Day 2

PostPosted: 01 Aug 2020, 20:45
by StellaOfTheWild
Hi, I'm here. I looked at the announcements, sad to see Rox and Clue are gone. May they rest in peace :crying: :crying: :crying:

Re: Day 2

PostPosted: 01 Aug 2020, 20:51
by AnnNoor
Hello guys because it's eid for 2 more days i wont be active very much. So this is my opinion. Rox says is killed but clue is shot, so clue may be killed by the serial killer and rox by mafia
Also rox says trust the one who is not regina, this lead me to Andrea , as always posts mean girl memes. Also there are too many roles in this game.