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Postby Wax Storm » 01 Aug 2020, 20:36


Roxxanna wrote:Hey freaks, you’re doing good. I’m sorry I didn’t last too long for you town, but ofc ik I’m lunched(Lynched) cuz of how awesome I am :cool:
I am now on my deathbed, so take my words of wisdom,
*struggles to speak*
you must..alway-

jk I will not say don’t trust “cde”, nor can I say trust *abc* cuz then she’d be the target for night 2.
“The one who’s active, the one who’s not Regina, trust her. If you figure her out, then you will also know the one who’s in sheep’s clothing.“

Ok bye ly kids. :D MISS ME! :biggrin:

samkaylasmith wrote:Im dead and I'm joined by Rox and Clue both whom I thought were mafias. Remeber when I said when I die and you see that I'm a townie ;) I"m DEAD SEEE I TOLDD YOUUU IMM A TOWNIEEE!! No just kiddin' Sad that I'm dead :/ I suck at these games!

Some advice from heaven just play well and do good!! Im very suspicious of claudia andreea and kinda fiona. but oh well :/ townies gotta catch up or yall are gonna looose!

thanks for having me in the gamee :afro: :afro: :afro: ily all very muchh :wub:

Clueless1 wrote:ok, that didn't last long. it was fun while it lasted. note to everyone, never ever say you've got a role, even if it's to prove you're a townie.
i would strongly suggest people look at who i suspected. i mean, why were i even killed?
goodbye cruel world lol

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