Newbie Engagement Party Questions

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Newbie Engagement Party Questions

Postby Harmony » 31 May 2020, 05:45

What is the time zone Lady Popular: Fashion Arena is using?
Only played for less than half a year and still haven’t figured it out yet...
I am asking this because I was randomly invited to an engagement party but I don’t know if I can join because I don’t know when it starts.
I was so excited to attend my first engagement party until the host said people will be kicked out if we are absent for 30 minutes after the party’s start...
How can I be on time if I don’t know when to be in the game by?

The party starts at 04.06.20 16:00

The only thing I could figure out is that the day is June 4th, I don’t know what time of day it is so I can convert it to my time so I can be at the party.

Also, do I have to be there for the entire party or can I take needed breaks at some point of the party (ex. breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, washroom, job, etc...)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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Re: Newbie Engagement Party Questions

Postby ladyana » 31 May 2020, 05:49

If you play on browser, you'll find a clock at the very top-left, there you can see the current server time. Compare it with your time zone and Voilà!
Of course, you don't have to be there for the entire time, it's 8 hour party if I'm not wrong. But you must be there when the party starts. Hope it was helpful.

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Re: Newbie Engagement Party Questions

Postby Wax Storm » 31 May 2020, 16:25

The time is in the game on browser:


Then to figure out just check the time in the game and your own time at home, then subtract from game time and got the time difference and when you should be at the party on your own time zone.
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