Questions Regarding the Clubs

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Re: Questions Regarding the Clubs

Postby Queen.Christy » 17 Oct 2020, 18:04

Trinity Starling wrote:Hi,

There is currently no way to reward club members, nor is there any way to transfer currency to another player's account.

I know I'm late but a way I reward them when I host contests is allowing them to activate whatever talent they want they won't have to pay of it I usually just donate pack the ems and stuff.
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Re: Questions Regarding the Clubs

Postby Gaia » 19 Oct 2020, 18:05

Queen.Christy wrote:
Gaia wrote:So after the new update my club's skills decreased, why is that?.. Also, how does this new update change the costs of the skills? Is it more or less expensive?

Thanks in advance.

It decreased so that the skills of the clubs changed more skills were added aswell as less club talents.
For hospitality the amount you had before stayed but everything else were at 0 the costs you previously payed were returned to the cash box. The costs per skill is increased by alotttttt.

Oh ok thank you so much! I was hoping that the costs to update skills had decreased! :( it's alright though, I'll survive...
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