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The Fashion diaries - new app

PostPosted: 28 Aug 2019, 13:07
by ClaudiaM25


We are so impatient to share with you about what we have been working on for the last couple of months that we cannot keep quiet anymore!

Prepare yourself for a tornado of twists, turns and emotions as we are just about to release our brand-new app – The Fashion Diaries!!!

Fascinating chat stories that will absolutely take your breath away!

Do you like drama, romance or gossip?
The Fashion Diaries have something for everyone! In this app you will be able to select your favourite genre and start reading the tangled chats stories of our characters.

From undying love to heart-breaking breakups and painful truths. You will be surprised how quickly can things go wrong!

The Fashion Diaries will soon be available on Google Play and Apple App Store.

Stay tuned for more information!

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