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PostPosted: 26 Jun 2019, 08:21
by Red Queen

Hey ladies!

We are on full –nostalgia mode!

Most of the members of our team were teens in the 90s and we feel very emotional thinking about this period.

Everything was better in the 90s – music, fashion,cartoons,even people were cooler and didn’t care about what others think about them.

The '90s had a huge effect on pop culture too!

Also, 90s fashion is back so now it's the perfect time for a tribute!

Have fun!

How to play:

You can start the event by clicking on the header icon.

Once you enter the event you'll see a board with 9 hidden fields. Flip them over to reveal what's hidden underneath!

You must collect 3 of the same to receive the reward.

Each board will present you 3 free tries initially, the next 2 cost 2 emeralds or diamonds each, then the last ones will cost you 2 diamonds to flip over.

This time we're giving you more cool items to win for free and a fresh new board every 3 hours. Which means there will be 8 resets a day!
If you are impatient you can reset the board with diamonds!

Don't forget that to win the unique final reward you must collect all of the special items from the board!

This event will be active until 01.07.2019; 13:00 CET

Lady Popular team