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Hey little unicorns!

This event is nothing but cute and you need to be part of it to make it even more cuter.
If you are a girl or a boy with the most vivid imagination, you like to have fun and a little kid is still living inside your heart – this event is just for you!

How to play:

In order to move, you need Lollipops which will be used to roll a dice - the number on the dice shows how many steps you move. You can use also the lucky dice to select the desired amount of steps you want to take.
You start your walk with 5 Lollipops for free. Every day until the end of the event you will be rewarded with 5 Lollipops upon your first log in the game which will be added to the total amount of Lollipops you have.

While you're walking, you can find rainbow zones that could bring you great rewards! To enter a rainbow zone you must be right on its entrance.

If you have missed some of the fields in the zone and you haven't collected all rewards hidden there, don't worry - you have the option to return to the zone and explore it again.
When you explore the zones and collect all rewards, you will be rewarded with a super cute pose.

This event will be available until 15.11.2018, 13:00 CET;


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