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Spring Splash

PostPosted: 12 Apr 2018, 13:05
by Red Queen


Is it too early for a pool party? We don't think so!

One of your favorite Teleport events is back!
If you have missed the cool outfits and hairstyles the first time now you have another chance to win them!

Remember that you can stay in a zone for a limited time (8 hours). After that you will be returned back and all the opened fields in the zone will be reset (closed).

If you haven't found all the rewards from the chosen zone, you can enter it again. You can travel again within the same day by paying with diamonds.
If you can't wait for 40 minutes until your next free try, you can open a field by paying with diamonds.

The Spring splash event is available until 26.04.2018; 13:00 CET