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Flasback event: New year

PostPosted: 06 Dec 2017, 14:19
by Red Queen

Hello Ladies,

The New Year is approaching fast! However, there's still plenty of special occasions to dress up for! That's why we've decided to bring back an event from the past where you can get some very limited outfits to make your Holidays even more glamorous!

Spin the wheel to visit all of the different levels and win the special prizes hidden within! Don't miss your free spin of the wheel to be sure to make it to all of the zones! However, if you happen to miss a couple, you can always compensate with 15 diamonds and spin it again.
Once you're in the zone, you'll see a field of colourful blocks. On the right you can see the rewards you can win and what's the requirement to do so. Collect all the blocks you need for each zone and you'll have a full wardrobe for this Christmas!

There is also a very special reward for everyone who has collected all of the items from every zone!

As sometimes the blocks aren't very helpful, you can help your luck by using the special boosters:

Hammer (clears the block you pick),
Bomb (clears a block and its surroundings)
Colour bomb (clears all blocks of the colour you choose).

You have one free spin per day! If you run out of moves, you can purchase more or you can exit the board and start the game again.

Our New Year's event is available until 20.12.2017 13:00 CET!

Let's celebrate together!