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Event: Japan

Postby ClaudiaM25 » Thu Oct 01, 2015 3:08 pm

Konnichiwa ladies!

We are going to Japan!

Japanese fashion is fun, colorful and unique. Like the Lady Popular girls - boring is not an option!
Be the first to discover the innovative and brave fashion trends in Japan and impress your friends.

There is a new event starting right now! Six decks of cards, full of wonderful rewards are waiting for you.
Clothes, hairstyles and unique accessories are just a small part of the surprises we’ve cooked up!

Enjoy your stay in the best street style country in the world until 15.10.2015, 13:00 CET!

How to play:
On the bottom right you have one pile where you need to relocate cards from the columns in order to get to the gift card, which is marked with a small nicely wrapped box.
The destination pile, however, is a bit picky - it will only accept cards that are 1 rank higher or lower than the current top card on it. Luckily, the pile doesn’t care about the suits, so it’s ok to put spades on hearts, diamonds on clubs and etc. Here’s an example - you have a Queen on top of the pile, so you can put either a Jack or a King on top of it. One exception is the Ace - you can put a 2 or a King on top it.
Visit the event in the game and pick up your draw-card deck to start the game. You might want to boost your chances by getting some extra cards before you start. A free draw-card will be available every 2 hours, until all of them are finished. Make sure you get to the awards before the draw-cards run out.
If you get stuck, the Joker card is your next move - it will accept any card on top of itself.
You can play a deck as many times as you need to, to get all the rewards in it - you’ll have one free go at it every day, but you can try multiple times in one day using diamonds.

You can read this post in our forum.

Good luck!
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